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About me

About me

In the beginning of my twenties I asked myself a bunch of questions.

How to change the world? Or rather, how to change the person I was and become the one I really had to be?
I knew this transformation wouldn’t just happen, unless I did not personally choose to change.

At the age of 26, I decided to leave everything behind, hoping to lose my old skin, like a snake, and grow into a new body.
One fine day, without too much thinking, I booked a plane ticket and called my boss:
“Hey Mohamed, I’m not coming to work tomorrow”.
He asked me if I was ill and I answered: “ Not at all. In fact, I have never been better!”
To which he replied: “Will you be there tomorrow then?”
“No, I’m leaving tomorrow morning...for Canada!”


I knew my absence wouldn’t weigh on my colleagues because the company would quickly find someone to replace me.
After all, I was just a number in a row and I would quickly be forgotten.
That was nine years ago. Since then, I’ve been pilgrimaging the most fabulous of all schools: the world.
I have often questioned the universe and plenty of the women I’ve met on my way unveiled what the future would look like to me. Through these women, I discovered spirituality, this magnificent way of connecting with others believing something special will reunite us all in a common future.

I felt compelled to share this vision of another possible world, a more tolerant one, a fairer one...a more feminine world.
So I grabbed my bag, sure that nothing could stop me, and I kept walking the path, profoundly convinced that this would work.

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