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Women’s Earth

Women's Earth

« In the garden of your heart, only plant the rose of love... The Earth is but one country and all men are its citizens. Glory is not for those who love their country, but for those who love their fellows. You are the fruits of the same tree, the leaves of the same branch... Be in love with the light, whatever its source... The struggle between religions, nations and races is only the result of misunderstanding. »


What a joy... What an honor to be able to talk of all those women that, day after day, helped me grow and discover the power of love, of the present moment, of tolerance and compassion.

A whole life based on the search for happiness was offered to me by the Women, the Mothers, the Goddesses, the Sisters united as one in this immense country which is the Earth. I have been able to see what the world really is: great, colorful and controversial.

Anything is possible through the feminine energy: this is what I've learnt whilst swinging in the arms of our Divine Mother Earth. Without a sister growing up wouldn't have been easy; without a bride, the house has no soul. I've learnt that I could have had neither roots, nor an identity without a woman next to me... Without you, the whole universe would be but chaos and desperation...

Women, I owe you a lot…

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